Yes, the School is open to both local and resident foreign students aged 3 – adult who are interested in any of the courses we have to offer.

SOPA is an extra-curricular school that focuses in on additional vocational training in the performing arts. It offers training and exam options with a variety of examination boards: Trinity College London (music/drama/musical theatre), ISTD (ballet), BTDA (tap) – that provide O-Level or A-Level equivalent qualifications that can be used for entry into third level institutions

The School of Performing Arts offers students focused individualised training in their preferred area of study by some of the top practitioners in Malta. Talented students are eventually encouraged and prepared for professional practice and third level entry into courses locally or abroad.

Participation in annual performances forms part of the school programme and is open to every student attending the respective course. SOPA does present additional performance opportunities to students which are by audition.
SOPA is also holding six Spotlight concerts across the year which are in-house performances for families and friends. These are open for all students who wish to showcase a piece.

It is not compulsory to sit for exams. However, students would still receive the same training and preparation if they choose not to do so.

Large scale musical productions such as ‘A Step in Time’ and most recently ‘The Three Sunsets’ (April 2019 Teatru Salesjan) are produced every two years but there will be an annual showcase for the students in the interim year where they still get the opportunity to perform and demonstrate their skills and talents.

Beyond this, SOPA organises in-house recitals and performances for students throughout the scholastic year.

SOPA courses are offered for students aged 3+.

The Kindi Programme at Chiswick House School caters for ages 3-4.
The Junior Programme caters for ages 5-9.
The Senior Programme caters for ages 10+.

SOPA SOLO individual lessons cater for old students and adult students.

AUDITION packages are specially tailored for students who are looking for audition for third-level university courses abroad.

EXAM packages are offered for students from Grade 1 through to LTCL level in music, musical theatre and drama.

Anybody with a passion and interest in learning about the performing arts will fit right in to our FRIDAY and FOCUS classes, which cater for different abilities and backgrounds.

Our ADVANCED and SOLO options require entrance by audition. Contact us for more information.

Yes – you can arrange a meeting with the SOPA Principal Ms. Cathy Lawlor by contacting her on:

[email protected]

Entrance into general classes does not require an audition.

Anybody with a passion and interest in learning about the performing arts will fit right in to our FRIDAY and FOCUS classes, which cater for different abilities and backgrounds.

Our ADVANCED and SOLO options require entrance by audition. Contact us for more information.

Yes – SOPA Tutors will send you a formal progress report towards the end of the scholastic year with feedback on technique, discipline, performance and attendance in the classes.
Students attending SOLO courses will also get a progress report.

Should you wish to obtain feedback earlier in the year, you may contact the SOPA office for assistance.

Our Principal is also always available for one-to-one meetings to discuss progress and options.

SOPA Summer School runs from July to September for students aged 3 – 13 and are tailored to incorporate Drama, Singing, Music, Dance, and Musical Theatre.

SOPA believes that it is of utmost importance that students train regularly throughout the year.

Students also have the option of continue individual SOLO lessons across summer in liaison with their tutor.

Yes – SOPA does have a qualified designated first-aider on site. We take great care to ensure that your child is safe, and will always refer to the medical data provided upon application, or phone you when in doubt.

At present there is no facility whereby students can purchase food whilst at SOPA. If you are staying on for a SOPA class after the school day, we strongly recommend bringing extra food and water.

Parents are not generally permitted to sit in on the classes as it can be distracting for the students; however SOPA does organise special parent “open days” for this purpose.

In special cases where prior notice is given to the office, or in emergency situations, SOPA staff will immediately bring your child to you should you need to speak to them, or leave class early.

No – children arriving at SOPA’s premises are greeted and escorted to class either by the Coordinator on-site, Office Manager or Receptionist.

Each class is led by at least one tutor, with the Kindi programme classes having an additional helper to assist students with the lesson, getting into their uniform, and escorting them to the bathroom.

SOPA premises exits are monitored at all times when classes are in session, and we ensure that no students leaves the building unless in the care of their legal guardian or prior consented collection arrangement.

For the annual showcase productions it is very difficult for performance dates to be shifted once announced. The student would still benefit from and be incorporated into the classes; however the tutor will be informed that they will not make the final show.

If your child is not able to attend a Spotlight session, they may instead opt to perform in the month after, subject to availability.

Regular attendance to all SOPA classes is encouraged for all-round development and growth across the performing arts disciplines. If your child needs to miss a class, SOPA appreciates being informed in advance.

ADVANCED courses have strict policies with regards to attendance. Students who miss more than two sessions within a term may not be able to continue attending these courses.

SOLO lessons have a strict 24hr cancellation policy with a maximum rescheduling of two lessons per term in accordance with the cancellation policy