Make A Musical – Summer Intensive Course

Do you love Musical Theatre? Have you ever wondered how a musical is created? Would you like to write your own musical? Join us for this 2 week intensive where together we will create an entirely original musical which will be performed at the end of the course.Read More

Learning dance encourages discipline and hard work

Why Dance?

Dance classes cover a large spectrum of subjects, and when taught correctly and with dedication, they will help to develop both the child’s personality and physique. Through dance, children discover ways to move each part of their body, whilst mastering co-ordination, as well as moving in synchronization within a group.

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Benefits of learning music, singing or an instrument

Why Music?

From playing music to an unborn baby all the way through one’s adult life, music of any genre is something that can move and uplift like no other experience. The so called ‘Mozart effect’, when babies and children are exposed to classical music, reputedly enhances various senses.Read More

Does acting and drama help build children's soft skills?

Why Drama?

The drama classroom provides a safe environment for students to have fun and nurture friendships and creativity but it really does much more for them in their day-to-day lives; from developing confidence, to encouraging cooperation and assisting physical development.

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