SOPA Closed due to Covid-19 Precautions

SOPA has sadly closed its doors for the moment as a precaution in line with the national management strategy for the Covid-19 virus.

At this time we thing of all of the freelance arts teachers and performers whose livelihood is drastically affect by the current situation, along with those who are ill and vulnerable.

Stay tuned with us via our Facebook and Instagram for some online videos and tutorials!
We will be back to you soon with more updates!

The SOPA Team

Join us at SOPA Junior !!

SOPA’s Junior Programme for 2019-2020 has just been launched!

Whether you are a budding ballerina or love music and singing at home – we have a great class for you! SOPA nurtures young performers in their areas of interest – providing opportunities for performance and self-growth!

New this year are our dance combo classes where Jazz, Tap and Hip-Hop are held in rotation.

We also have a new Junior Choir held at 15.15 after-school!

SOPA New Senior Programme Launched!

Age you 10+ and interested in learning more about the performing arts?

SOPA has just launched its Senior Programme – which includes both group and individual tuition
Whether it’s musical theatre, dance, singing or playing a musical instrument, SOPA has a course option for you.

Our programmes have a individualised approach and cater for a range of interests and abilities.