Granny Button’s Magical Box – In The Nursery
The Musical Adventures of Granny Buttons

Granny Buttons is always making her way into someone else’s story! Wherever she finds herself, she is sure to pull the audience along with her to explore a magical tale!

Backed by over 10 years experience in primary school education and developmental drama, our events are carefully designed based on the pillars of Speech and Drama; encouraging them to listen, move and talk. Join us on a magical musical adventure as we explore:

Granny Buttons’ Magical Box

A number of colourful props guide the audience on a sensory journey following a particular theme and exposing our young listeners to the greatest classical music of all time. In order to keep our little ones fully engaged, each piece will be fully animated, and contemporary songs or nursery rhymes will also be featured along the way. Simple story-telling and puppetry features aswell.

Join us on Oct 11th and 12th for our first event In The Nursery
There will be two performances on each day – at 09.30 & 11.00am

Tickets Available via

October 12 @ 09:30
09:30 — 10:30 (1h)

SOPA Studio

Krista Zammit Marmara

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