Kindi and Choir Christmas Concert

There’s nothing like a good Christmas story, some warm punch, fresh cookies, and harmonious carols to get you into the spirit of Christmas – and the Kindi and Choir Christmas Concert did just that.

SOPA’s youngest stars presented a stage adaptation of the story of The Nutcracker to family and friends this weekend with the support of the SOPA choir.

Little elves, sneaky mice, pretty sugarplum fairies, tasty sweets and loyal soldiers were brought to life through musical numbers and wonderful costumes and the charming nature of the students.

We firmly believe that performance opportunities from such a young age contribute positively in a child’s development. Skills including presence, discipline, concentration and characterisation promote well-rounded development in children. Their responsibility with remembering choreography and learning lines promotes working within a team-setting and instils a sense of accomplishment and pride in them – which cannot always be fully communicated from a class-setting alone.

With support from older students in the roles of the Nutcracker, Clara and the Prince as well as the musical interludes from the SOPA choir, we are very pleased to see our students presenting themselves so wonderfully at the end of their first term with us.

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a prosperous new year,

The SOPA Team

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