Launching SOPA Trips to the Theatre!

It’s showtime!

In a special series of outings – Trips to the Theatre – SOPA students will be attending performances of a number of local productions across the scholastic year.

SOPA would like to promote the importance of attending performing arts productions with our students. Students of the performing arts spend many a long hour in the studio honing their skills and techinques working towards exams and performances of their own.

Watching your peers and tutors within the local community perform promotes appreciation and deeper understanding of the craft, and can also be very inspiring for youngsters and youths.

SOPA has teamed up with various practitioners and institutions to give our students the chance to attend dress rehearsals and performances of the below productions at reduced rates:

– Us/Them (produced by The Shrinking Violets at Teatru Maneol, featuring a Q&A with director Chiara Hyzler)
– Dear Future Me (produced by The Treble Makers at MCC, featuring a Q&A with the cast)

November: Ziguzajg Theatre Festival, Valletta
– The Misadventures of Peer Gynt (Malta Philharmonic Orchestra)
– Light!
– Soleo
– The Missing Light
– Amahl and the Night Visitors (Teatru Manoel)
– Rave & Behave (The New Victorians)
– Play/Ground
– iLand (Studio 18)

– Cinderella (MADC Panto and MFCC)

– Two Gentlemen of Verona (Roaring Voices at Teatru Salesjan)

– MacBeth (featuring SOPA tutor Erica Muscat, directed by Clive Judd at Teatru Manoel)
– Cosi Fan Tutte (Teatru Manoel)

– Perfume (Moveo Dance Company at Teatru Manoel)

Students will be chaperoned at each of these event by a SOPA Tutor.

Contact the SOPA office for more information on how to book your place.

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