SOPA Spotlight Series Launch

It has been a fantastic summer here at SOPA with pupils exceeding our expectations in skills, effort, dedication and learning. With this, we are excited to give our pupils a platform and voice to showcase their learning and are delighted to announce our new Spotlight Series.

Running on six occasions throughout the scholastic year, the purpose of these Spotlight sessions is to give our pupils the opportunity to proudly display their skills and what they have learnt in a professional, intimate environment. With our doors open to parents and friends, these monthly sessions will give students the opportunity to gain confidence in performance, air new repertoire and prepare for upcoming exams.

Pupils will be selected for the Spotlight performances by teachers after observations during the Summer, so now is the time for you all to warm up those vocal cords, put on those dancing shoes and practise your stage presence. Block these dates in your calendar – we look forward to showing you the learning, progress and dedication our pupils have shown during the course of the summer and for the upcoming year.

7th November
5th December
9th January
6th February
20th March
8th May

For those of you who have attended previous years, you will be aware of how electrifying these performances have been, each year we are in awe of our learners performances and always receive a standing ovation, we as always are honoured to give our pupils the opportunity to show all they have achieved and learnt.

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