Students Perform Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Malta Performance - Uncle Tom's Cabin

A large number of senior students playing the lead roles together with Junior and middle school students recently performed the musical Uncle Tom’s Cabin based on the story of The King and I. This performance took place at the Centenary Theatre in Kappara. In the lead roles Rebecca Attard played the part of Anna displaying the tenderness and strength required for this difficult role. Luke Hili as the King showed determination as he developed his role of the King who is calculating, yet also tender and at times even comical. Hannah Grech Pirotta and Daniel Bonello as Tuptim and Lunta, gave the production the right amount of romance it required, while Andrea Attard and Nikki Demajo Albanese as Lady Thiang were a picture of grace and intelligence.

One  must of course also mention the numerous children who played their roles so well, engaging with each and every moment and character as required of them. Kyle Borg and Aleks Andrejevic as Chululogom and Daavid Coppini and Sean Azzopardi as Lewis received the merited applause they well deserved for their excellent performance.

One must also certainly not fail to mention the excellent performance given by the dancers of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This was indeed one of the highlights of the performance and well appreciated by the audience each night.

Set, costumes, lights, singing, acting, props, masks; all came together to render this performance another unforgettable one for SOPA.

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