Why Dance?

Learning dance encourages discipline and hard work

Parents are now more aware of the importance of extra-curricular subjects – which if taught correctly and in the right environment, play a very important part of their children’s formation.  Afternoon activities are normally dedicated to the Arts or Sports – piano, football, dance, drama, judo, choir, etc.  So how does one make the decision?

As a dance professional, I feel I should encourage parents to send their children to dance classes and perhaps they can join in specialised adult classes.  Dance has certainly taken off on the Island, with quite a few schools presenting students for international exams and putting up annual semi-professional productions.

Dance classes cover a large spectrum of subjects, and when taught correctly and with dedication, they will help to develop both the child’s personality and physique.  Through dance, children discover ways to move each part of their body, whilst mastering co-ordination, as well as moving in synchronization within a group.  During a class, students will also learn about music – coping with rhythms and different dynamics and qualities.  They will develop an understanding of the Theatre, a love of the Arts and a sense of performance.  And finally, parents should gladly encourage a child to attend classes where discipline is one of the basic necessities.

Parents should not expect to have “ballerinas” after a few months of training.  It takes years of hard work to produce a dancer of the highest technical and physical capabilities, together with artistic maturity.

Undoubtedly professional reputation has always been the best advertising and parents are readily influenced by what their friends have to say.  Listen carefully and ask more information regarding the tutor’s qualifications and the facilities.

Take on the challenge – get your children and yourself to join dance classes and enjoys all the results.

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