Youth Acting Intensive

A word does not begin its life as a word, it begins its life as an impulse, which is transformed from an action into a spoken thought. Too often as actors we focus only on the text- and while this is invaluable sometimes we can lose contact with the instincts that should not only be relied upon, but which can create those moments in theatre which can best be described as ‘magical‘.

In this workshop we will go back to basics and focus on a series of exercises to help us reconnect to the original impulse. Using several non-verbal theatre techniques, the aim of the sessions is to bring together the physical and the verbal in an effective but simple way, hopefully enabling young actors to work productively and independently from the very beginning of their creative process.

Denise Mulholland, an experienced singer, actress and director, will be conducting these sessions which will be held between Monday 19th and Friday 23rd August. Sessions will be held between 5.30pm and 8.30pm. Participants need to be 13 years and above. Group participation will be limited to 20. Applications are available by emailing [email protected]

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