SOPA Dance Classes

Tap Class
I freestyle my destiny, it’s not written in pages.

Get your feet tap, tap, tapping by joining one of our tap classes – from learning ‘shuffles’ or ‘ aps’ to ‘cramprolls’, enjoy learning this unique style of dance that has become hugely popular once again!

Beginners Classes Available

Jazz Class
I freestyle my destiny, it’s not written in pages.

Improve your coordination and exibility with our new Junior Jazz class – an ideal class for actors and singers who want to focus on all-round musical theatre skills. Drawing from many different dance techniques from ballet to ethnic dance, this class is aimed at dancers with a jazz or musical theatre performative interest.

Beginners Classes Available

Contemporary Dance Class
To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak

Contemporary dance encourages dancers to be versatile in their expressions, being able to portray a wide array of movement techniques. It focuses on spacial and body awareness and use of body weight for floor work, leaps and turns. Improvisations as well as choreographic phrases are developed sequentially allowing students to experience the joy of building choreography.

Junior Classes Available

Prior dance experience (ballet/jazz) is recommended.