New Theatre in Education series launched for 0-5 years!

Meet Granny Buttons!

SOPA has proudly launched two series for children aged 0-2 and 2-5 under the directorship of experienced actor and mother Krista Zammit Marmara!!

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Granny Buttons is always making her way into someone else’s story! Wherever she finds herself, she is sure to pull the audience along with her to explore a magical tale!
Granny buttons, in collaboration with the School of Performing Arts, has devised a series of interactive performances to expose your little ones to a variety of music, opera, dance, classical composers and drama. With a touch of the storytelling and puppetry Granny is so loved for, we will go on an exciting musical adventure together!

SOPA goes to Japan!

Members of the SOPA Choir have just returned from a highly exciting and educational choir and cultural exchange in Ise, Japan.

Following last summer’s week-long visit of the Japanese choir to Malta, this July the SOPA Choir travelled to Japan for a number of cultural and musical workshops based on Japanese traditions.

The choir also had the opportunity of participating in 6 concerts , the highlight of which were the concerts at the Shrine and at The concert hall at Ise Topia. Included in the repertoire was an original piece written by Tom Armitage especially for this occasion . This song included two soprano solos which were performed by Maltese soprano Francesca Aquilina and Japanese soprano Megumi Hiro.

Contact us on [email protected] if you would like more information about SOPA and the Choir.

You are invited to the Mad Hatter’s Dance Party!

Join us as a summer farewell to SOPA at Chateau Buskett where we meet Alice, the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and other timeless characters.

SOPA’s dancers perform repertoire inspired by characters from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland;

Food and drinks are all included in the event ticket!

Summer School at SOPA!

Do you want to spend all day every day during your summer holidays doing what you enjoy best?

Join SOPA Summer School 2019!

For our first half we are focusing on skill development through creative and fun activities.
The second half of summer school is geared towards putting up a performance which will be showcased in front of family and friends!

Check our brochure out!

Bringing ‘The Three Sunsets’ Musical to SOPA

SOPA is delighted to present ‘ The Three Sunsets’ , an original musical by Denise Mulholland and Luke Saydon which was first performed under the auspice of the Ziguzajg festival in 2014.

With Ms. Mulholland at the helm as director SOPA will be presenting The Three Sunsets this coming April, performed by the SOPA student body, and featuring a live band of professional musicians.

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