Youth Acting Intensive

A word does not begin its life as a word, it begins its life as an impulse, which is transformed from an action into a spoken thought. Too often as actors we focus only on the text- and while this is invaluable sometimes we can lose contact with the instincts that should not only be relied upon, but which can create those moments in theatre which can best be described as ‘magical‘.

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School of Performing Arts - Dance Intensive Workshop

Youth Dance Intensive

SOPA has put together a dynamic group of teachers so as to give dance students the opportunity of participating in a dance intensive youth program. Students will have the choice of taking the entire program which will include Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Spanish, Hip hop and Body Conditioning. Alternatively students may opt to register for individual styles.Read More

Malta Performance - Uncle Tom's Cabin

Students Perform Uncle Tom’s Cabin

A large number of senior students playing the lead roles together with Junior and middle school students recently performed the musical Uncle Tom’s Cabin based on the story of The King and I. This performance took place at the Centenary Theatre in Kappara. In the lead roles Rebecca Attard played the part of Anna displaying the tenderness and strength required for this difficult role.Read More

Performing students in Malta at Ziguzajg Fringe

SOPA Students Participate in Ziguzajg Fringe

The School of Performing Arts will be participating in the Ziguzajg Fringe Festival being held on the 17th and the 18th November. The School believes strongly in the participation of students in events as this forms an important part of its developmental program for students in all areas.Read More

Dance Expressions Introduces: Little Bear Feet

Little Bear Feet with Melody Bear classes are the perfect introduction to dance and movement for little girls and boys age 18 months upwards. The joys of dancing and singing are shared by teacher, parent and toddler as together they join Melody Bear in her journey to Nursery Rhyme Land.Read More

Sweeney Todd - Acting Summer Intesive

Sweeney Todd Summer Intensive Course

Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheller’s chilling, suspenseful, heart pounding masterpiece is the perfect focus for this one week intensive musical theatre workshop intended for theatre students 16 and above.  The operatic complexity of the score: it is almost entirely sung through- makes it darkly spellbinding.Read More