Performing Arts Classes

We offer many diverse programmes that can be attended by children of all ages. Our programmes delve into many types of performing arts techniques such as Dance, Ballet and Drama where the students are able to learn the required skills to be able to excel in their preferred area.

SOPA Fridays

SOPA FRIDAYS offers general group training in the three main disciplines: Drama, Singing and Dance; emphasising dramatic communication and portrayal through these mediums..

SOPA Focus

If you would rather FOCUS in on one discipline – be it drama, music, dance or voice – SOPA has a class that is tailored to your need and level with all of the benefits of class teamwork and peer learning.


Individual lessons are offered across all ages, disciplines and styles. These are geared towards students who are prepared to be selfmotivated in their practice and aim to excel in a specific subject area.

SOPA Advanced

Our specialised drama, dance and vocal groups train weekly to build showcase repertoire and advanced audition skills. These students are committed to pursuing the performing arts on a more serious level, with the potential to explore further study abroad.

Kindi Programme

The SOPA KINDI programme, held at Chiswick House School, aims to give very 3 & 4 year old children an introductory ‘taster’ of the performing arts that will foster their personal and creative development over the coming years.