Have you a special talent in one area?


Individual lessons are offered across all ages, disciplines and styles. These are geared towards students who are prepared to be selfmotivated in their practice and aim to excel in a specific subject area. Students may decide to enter for solo exams in consultation with their teacher. You do not have to attend any other sopa classes to avail of individual lessons.


There are no small parts, only small actors

Individual acting lessons are available with a highly experienced SOPA tutor on a weekly basis across the year. Students will further develop their acting skills; exploring voice, characterisation, physicality, interpretation, improvisation, creativity and text analysis with one-to-one focus and attention.

Voice – Singing
Find your True Voice

Our top singing tutors will help students develop healthy, natural singing technique, learn new repertoire, and grow in confidence in interpretation and performance practice. We will help the student find their natural sound and maximise their vocal potential. A variety of repertoire styles can be explored through the lessons from classical to musical theatre and pop.

Dancing is creating a sculpture that is only visible for a moment

Individual dance lessons are available in ballet, tap, contemporary and other styles.
Please contact us should you be interested in one-to-one training.

The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colors in your mind

Piano lessons at SOPA will allow you to explore the full range of the piano. We will teach you the correct technique and posture, which will unlock the many possibilities of the instrument. Our specialist piano tutors will guide you in how to read and write music notation, to learn all the chords to support your favourite melodies, discover how to play in groups with other instruments, or explore your potential as a soloist.

Let the Music Speak!

Have you ever fancied learning how to play the guitar? From learning frets, chords, and hand-positions to facilitating playing your favourite tunes for family and friends, to music notation and reading score. The guitar is a versatile instrument and easily accessible for anyone looking to take up a new instrument.

When words fail, music speaks.

Violin lessons will be offered for musical students who are keen to learn a string instrument. Learn notation, hand-positions, bowing and intonation! This beautiful leading instrument can be versatile in a solo and orchestral capacity across folk, pop or classical styles.