Drama, Singing and Dance.

SOPA Fridays & Saturdays

SOPA FRIDAYS offers general group training in the three main disciplines: Drama, Singing and Dance; emphasising dramatic communication and portrayal through these mediums.

At SOPA FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS students learn how to act, characterise, tell stories and express themselves through song, words and movement.

SOPA FRIDAY & SATURDAY classes give the student a broad set of performing arts skills, presenting opportunities to learn, perform and excel in three primary areas.

Life-long friendships with like-minded students are made, providing peer-learning and motivation through a fun and stimulating learning environment.

All classes will be showcased in an annual performance across the year.

Students who partake in the Friday classes also have the opportunity to audition for a SOPA Advanced programme.

These classes last a total 2-3 hours (age depending) and operate on a 40minute/1 hour rotation between the three disciplines.

Classes for ages 5 – 15